Become a Private Language Instructor

Become a Private Language Instructor

Two Women Practicing Somali Language

One City Project is hosting a new service where we help connect private instructors who want to share their language and culture with eager learners in our greater Seattle community. Be a part of our effort to bring bilingualism and community connections to our city by becoming a private language instructor.

You do not need to be a certified teacher or have a teaching degree to take advantage of our service. We are looking for people with language ability and the passion for supporting bilingualism and cultural competency in our region!

Important offer for new instructors: If you don’t make back your $180 start-up fee in your first year, we’ll happily reimburse you the difference after your first year of using our service.

Our service

One City Project will host your own personal instruction web page which learners can use to connect to you and schedule language lessons. We want you to be able to focus on teaching without worrying about administrative stuff, so One City will manage the following:

  • We’ll market and promote your private lessons to our Seattle-area audience of nearly 2,000 people monthly.
  • ‎We set up the scheduling system, so you don’t have to deal with the annoying back and forth process of figuring out a time to meet with your students.
  • We manage student payments for you. Students will pay directly using our scheduling system and we’ll issue you a check each month.

Service Details


  • Annual cost of $180 to set up the scheduling system, webpage, and marketing.
  • One City takes 10% of each scheduled lesson to fund scholarships for new bilingual and bicultural teachers. That way you know your lessons are supporting our mission of developing bilingual teachers in our region!
  • Whatever else you earn from your lessons is yours!

Other requirements:

  • You must use Google calendar or Outlook online to use our system.
  • ‎You’ll need to choose a regular location to meet students. This can be a private residence, coffee shop, library, or other place where you can comfortably conduct lessons with students.
  • You’ll need to choose regular blocks of time during the week to conduct your lessons. We can ensure that students book no sooner than 48 hours ahead of time, and you’ll be able disable time blocks at your convenience (example: if you’re traveling one weekend, you can make sure students can’t schedule lessons that weekend)

Getting Started:

To set up your own language instruction page, click the ‘Request a Language Instruction Page’ tab and fill out our form. We’ll be in touch shortly to follow up. We will need to meet in-person after you submit to fill out some standard agreements and other paperwork.

This is an example of the scheduling tool we will set up for you as part of this service. You are welcome to fill out this form to see what the system will look like for your students.

Please note: these are only example meetings – no one is monitoring events created using this form.

After the student fills out this form they will be prompted to pay and the scheduled lesson time will be added to your calendar service. You and the student will also be notified via email.

Have questions? Send us an email.

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