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Teach a Language Class

Have you ever wanted to teach your language to members of our Seattle community? One City is looking for driven, creative, and passionate individuals to share their language by teaching community language classes! One City will help you find students, provide administrative support, and help ensure that your classroom is rewarding and successful.

Our service

One City Project will host your class page which learners can use to connect to you and register for your language class. We want you to be able to focus on teaching without worrying about administrative stuff, so One City will manage the following:

  • We’ll market and promote your class to our Seattle-area audience of nearly 2,000 people monthly.
  • ‎We set up the registration system, so you don’t have to hassle with keeping track of registered students, disenrollments, etc.
  • We manage student payments for you. Students will pay directly using our scheduling system and we’ll issue you a check once your class begins. We will also manage any disenrollments for you per our disenrollment and refund policy.

If you’re interested, please fill out the form below and a member of our team will contact you to discuss options and next steps.

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Your Responsibilities

If you choose to teach a community language class, you are responsible for the following items:

  • Finding and reserving space for your classroom. You will need to provide confirmation of your reservation to One City Project before we open your page.
  • Deciding when the class will take place, and to ensure you will be present at all of your scheduled classes.
  • Setting the cost of the class.
  • Communicating to students over any expectations for the class or addressing any issues.
  • Teaching the class.

⭐ Recommended Class Design ⭐

We will try to support any community language classroom as best we can, but we do have some recommendations for class design if you are still considering how things should look. These are only recommendations and are based off of successful classrooms we’ve supported so far:

  • Introductory and exploratory classes are the most successful. If you wish to help students gain higher levels of language proficiency, we encourage you to become a private language instructor to support your students. Intermediate classes and higher tend to be difficult to sustain enrollment.
  • We encourage you to keep the cost of your class at $50 and below. At this rate we have found highest student interest and engagement. At the same time, we strongly recommend charging at least $20 for enrollment, as it helps ensure students are committed to joining the class.
  • Team teaching! We have found that classrooms that have two or three instructors serve the instructors well (you have partners to share the responsibility with) plus the students are supported with extra attention in the classroom. If possible, classrooms that have a mix of native and non-native instructors are very enriching for students.
  • Use your network to find a space. Most formal rental spaces cost quite a bit of money, but many organizations and business are willing to provide space if you reach out. Be creative, you’ll find that we have a very supportive and engaged community!

Have questions? Send us an email.