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Russian Lessons – Irina Khlynova

by Jessica Pan • September 23, 2022

I am a tutor of Russian as a foreign language. I have been working as a tutor for more than two years. Before that I helped people from different parts of the world learn my native language
as a volunteering activity for about 10 years. Teaching and learning languages has always been my passion. Now I speak Italian, English, and some Spanish.

Cantonese Fun Playgroup – 粵好玩遊戲組

by John Compton • June 7, 2021

Class Type: Child Playgroup
Location: Online & In-Person
Cost: Varies by Activity

filipino story time

Filipino Story Time

by John Compton • February 27, 2021

Class Type: Meetup
Location: Online
Cost: Free

Cambodian American Community Council of Washington

by Duncan • September 28, 2020

Class Type: Community Class

Korean Lessons – Claire Kim

by Mariette Umagat • February 11, 2020

Claire Kim is a graduate of Seattle University’s master’s program in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL).

Alexander Tang

Korean Lessons – Alex Tang

by John Compton • November 6, 2019

Alex has classroom experience teaching primary and secondary school students who have recently immigrated from China, as well as Chinese-Americans in a nonprofit organization located in Chinatown. Alex’s desire is to garner more attention to teaching Cantonese as a second, foreign, additional, or other language in the United States and hopes that public schools and universities will follow suit. As a heritage learner and speaker of Cantonese, Alex is determined to spread the word of Cantonese language learning in the Greater Seattle Area.

Vietnamese Language and Culture Course – Friends of Little Saigon

by John Compton • September 5, 2019

Class Type: Adult Heritage Learners
Location: virtually through Zoom and Google Classroom with in-person exploration activities
Duration: 10 Weeks
Cost: $250

Alexander Tang

Cantonese Lessons – Alex Tang

by John Compton • August 19, 2019

As a passionate and motivated second language educator, Alex hopes to pursue doctoral studies at New York University’s Bilingual Education program. He is currently conducting research in the acquisition of multiword units of Chinese ESL adult learners.

Bilingual Preschool Program – Voices of Tomorrow

by Mariette Umagat • October 21, 2018

Class Type: Preschool
Location: Tukwila
Cost: Free

Mohamed Awdoon

Somali Lessons – Mohamed Awdoon

by John Compton • May 19, 2018

Mohamed Awdoon is a poet and a veteran community advocate for Seattle’s Somali community, with more than 15 years of experience providing cultural coaching.