MiT Programs

Heritage University

by margaret • May 6, 2019
Masters in Teaching Heritage University Total Program Cost $35,648 Location Toppenish Program Length 24 Months Endorsements Elementary Education ELL Education Bilingual Education A master’s degree in teaching will help you realize that the education process is about much more than sharing content. It’s about creating independent learners who have the critical thinking skills to grow and thrive. [...]

Antioch University

by margaret • April 22, 2019

Duration: 5 Quarters (15 months)
Total Cost: $35,280
Endorsements Available: Elementary

Eastern Washington University

by margaret • April 22, 2019

Duration: 5 Quarters (15 Months)
Total Cost: $18,653
In-State Tuition: Yes
Endorsements: Elementary
Contact Name: Lori Reiman

Gonzaga University

by margaret • April 22, 2019

Class Type: Adult/Community Class
Location: Belltown
Duration: 10 Weeks, 2 hours/week
Cost: $350

University of Washington – Seattle

by Mariette Umagat • December 5, 2018

Length of Program: 4 Quarters (12 Months)
Total Cost: $23,972
In-State Tuition: Yes
Scholarships Available: Yes
Endorsements Available: Elementary, ELL, Bilingual, World Language

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