Nhu Pham

Elementary Vietnamese 1 (Online)

Instructor: Nhu Pham
Dates: March 26th to May 28h, 2024
Time: Tuesdays from 6:00-8:00pm
Location: Online
Cost: $250

PRONUNCIATION: Students will learn about the alphabet, tones, and how to pronounce words. This class will teach the Southern accent and occasionally share the differences between the Northern and Southern accents to help students distinguish the differences between them.

BASIC GRAMMAR: Students will learn about basic sentence structures, how to form basic sentences and questions.

COMMUNICATION: At the end of the class, students will learn to conduct basic sentences and questions. Every week there will be opportunities to practice with your classmates. After this class, students will be ready for more conversation opportunities in the second course (Elementary Vietnamese 2).

Some of the conversation and vocabulary topics will include:

  1. Talk about the weather
  2. Ask for directions
  3. Talk about food
  4. Describe people and objects using adjectives
  5. Express likes and dislikes

CULTURES: This class will cover pronouns and share how to address others during daily conversations. We will discuss Vietnamese national holidays, learn where they came from, and how people celebrate them.

CONNECTIONS: This is a very interactive class and students will use class time to learn, have fun, and collaborate with other learners.

Course Textbook:

No textbook is required. Materials will be provided to you by the instructor.

Week 1 – Introduction to the alphabet
Week 2 – Tones and Pronouns
Week 3 – Simple Sentence Structure
Week 4 – Currency, units of measurement
Week 5 – Simple Question Structure
Week 6 – Midterm Week
Week 7 – Using adjectives and adverbs to describe people
Week 8 – Past, Present, and Future Tenses; Adverbs of time, frequency, and duration
Week 9 – Useful Vietnamese for Travelers
Week 10 – Course Summary

Special: Depending on the turnout, Elementary Vietnamese 1 and 2 might arrange an in-person meet-up during November. There will be fun language learning opportunities!

This course will be taught entirely online using Microsoft Teams. Courses will be primarily synchronous with some asynchronous activities and elements.

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