Elementary Vietnamese 2 (Online)

Instructor: Khoi Nguyen
Dates: March 28th to May 30th, 2024
Time: Thursdays 6:00 - 8:00 pm (with 10-minute break)
Location: Online
Cost: $250

PRONUNCIATION: Students are assumed to be familiar with the alphabet and tones from Elementary Vietnamese 1. The instructor will ask for a voice recording snippet from each student every week and provide feedback. During class, there will be opportunities to practice speaking with classmates.

GRAMMAR: This course structures around Ask-Answer interactions, with weekly topics on: Demonstratives (this/that), Quantities, Date/Time, Comparison/Superlatives, “Nên”, “Thì” and finally how to ask for language guidance.

COMMUNICATION: At the end of the class, students will have learned how to ask yes/no questions, “which”-questions, “how many/much” and how to answer them. Every week there will be opportunities to practice with your classmates.

CULTURES: Students will learn some poems, idioms and proverbs during Week 5. Week 7 is spent mostly on vocabulary and the instructor will survey students’ interests in prior weeks. By default, we will explore food with names starting with “bánh”.

PRONOUNS: This course primarily focusses on the pronouns “cậu” (you) and “mình” (I) which is suitable for communications between peers. Pronouns learned in Elementary Vietnamese 1 can be used in place of these two.

CONNECTIONS: Students will have plenty of opportunities to practice with each other during class!

Course Textbook

No textbook is required. Materials will be provided to you by the instructor.

To prevent fatigue, the instructor will provide 5-10 minutes break around the middle of the two-hour session. Course content may change as the instructor adapts to the students’ needs.

Week 1 – Introduction and Review
Week 2 – “Cậu muốn cái nào?”, its Answers and Variations
Week 3 – “Tớ có hai cây bút”, basic numbers and more positional terms.
Week 4 – Numbers 0-99, Counting, Date & Time.
Week 5 – Midterm and extra content (pronouns, proverbs, poems, expressions)
Week 6 – Cái Nào ___, Comparison, Superlatives.
Week 7 – Vocab Week
Week 8 – Thì, Nên — If, then, should.
Week 9 – Learn how to Ask for Language Guidance
Week 10 – Course Summary and Review

Special: Depending on the turnout, Elementary Vietnamese 1 and 2 might arrange an in-person meet-up at the end of the course. There will be fun language learning opportunities!

This course will be taught entirely online using Microsoft Teams. Courses will be primarily synchronous with some asynchronous activities and elements.

Registration for Elementary Vietnamese 2 (Online) is Closed

Registration Deadline was September 15th, 2023.

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