Learn Korean at Washington Academy of Languages

Class Type: Adult/Community Class
Location: Belltown
Duration: 10 Weeks, 2 hours/week
Cost: $400

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Pursue your dream of learning Korean at Washington Academy of Languages (WAL). For over 40 years, students of all walks of life have chosen WAL to achieve their language learning goals. World travelers and professionals enjoy the flexibility of the evening classes. WAL students enjoy the small classroom settings, classes range between four and fifteen students so you are able to learn in an intimate setting that allows students to practice speaking in class.

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The program prepares the student with the skills needed to function in Korea. By focusing on practical language use, students are able to actively participate in situations which they can expect to encounter in their travels. Throughout the course, listening and speaking are stressed and the student has ample opportunity to take part in meaningful classroom dialogue.

Other Opportunities for Korean Speakers and Learners

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