Korean Lessons with Claire Hwang

Learn Korean language by taking private lessons from Claire Hwang. Claire is available for small group and one-on-one instruction for learners of all levels.

Small Group Instruction (2-4 people)

Learn a new language with friends! Small group online instruction is a fun and effective way to improve your language skills in a supportive environment. All small group lessons are a single hourly rate for groups of two to four learners.

One-on-one Instruction

Advance your language goals by scheduling individual instruction with Claire. Great for ambitious learners or those studying Korean for professional or academic pursuits, or who need some extra help ahead of exams.


Claire Hwang is a recent graduate of Seattle University’s master’s program in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL). Born and raised in Seoul, the capital of South Korea, Claire speaks Korean as her mother tongue. In her teenage years, she studied abroad in Canada as an international student, improving her English fluency and proficiency. Relocating to the greater Seattle area back in 2010, she earned her bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education through Western Washington University.

Having lived in different countries, Claire was awakened by how one’s limited language proficiency could limit one’s perspective, learning opportunities, chances to bring positive influence on others and possibly to connect with family members. As a lifelong learner with an open mind and an advocate of sociolinguistics, Claire strives to be a positive impact to her community and the lives of learners who speak different languages. She hopes to share her past personal experiences as an English language learner at a young age and her academic and professional experiences as an instructor into teaching Korean and English to language learners.

“It is a huge blessing to choose a career related to my most cherished interest and passion.”

Contact Claire to Schedule a Lesson

Neighborhood: Online
Cost: $60/hr Small Group Instruction, $40/hr Individual Instruction
Specialization: New Learners of Korean, Vocabulary Learning, Grammar, Pronunciation, Korean Culture, and More

The private lessons detailed above are not taught or managed by One City Project. We are hosting this webpage as a service provider for the instructor and a collaborator in community building, administration, and outreach.

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