Bellevue College

Learn Russian at Bellevue College

Class Type: Adult/Community Class
Location: Bellevue
Duration: 12 weeks, 4 hours/week
Cost: $514.55

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Whether you want to speak Russian for business or personal enrichment, our classes are a great way to learn. And they cover the full range of proficiency levels from beginning to advanced.

Beginning Lessons

  • Engage in simple conversations
  • Ask and respond to simple questions
  • Use the Cyrillic alphabet to write simple sentences
  • Read basic written materials
  • Interact in social and business situations in a culturally appropriate manner.

Intermediate Lessons

  • Speak Russian conversationally with increasing ease and confidence
  • Increase your Russian grammar and vocabulary skills
  • Read and comprehend the meaning of more involved Russian texts
  • Use the Cyrillic alphabet to write short communications
  • Deepen your understanding of current Russian culture.

Other Opportunities for Russian Speakers and Learners