Somali Lessons

Classroom Objects

Difficulty: Beginner

Learn basic classroom or office objects and how to identify them.

Difficult Sounds in Somali

Difficulty: Beginner

Learn the difficult sounds found in Somali language, and practice listening at home.

The Jackal and the Rhinoceros

Vocabulary: Traditional Story
Difficulty: Intermediate
# of Questions: 8
Traditional Somali story warning against arrogance and showing the importance of cleverness in facing adversity.

The Man and the Snake

Vocabulary: Traditional Story
Difficulty: Advanced
# of Questions: 9
Traditional Somali morality tale about keeping trust with those around you.

Basic Introductions

Vocabulary: Introductions
Difficulty: Beginner

Learn and practice basic introductory phrases in Somali

Obama’s Last Security Speech

Vocabulary: American Politics
Difficulty: Advanced
# of Questions: 5
President Obama gives the last national security speech of his tenure.

Youth Open Library in Mogadishu

Vocabulary: Education
Difficulty: Intermediate
# of Questions: 7
A group of young Somalis opens a public library in Mogadishu to help university students in their studies.

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