Masters in Teaching
Gonzaga University

Total Program Cost




Program Length

3 Semesters (12 Months)


  • Elementary Education
  • World Language

At Gonzaga University, we don’t just train teachers. Our mission and curriculum prepares candidates that step into classrooms prepared to teach children HOW to learn. Our graduates foster relationships to create a trusting, safe learning environment. A Gonzaga-educated teacher is highly-sought and expertly trained to meet their students where they are and give the skills to truly become a life-long learner.

The Master of Initial Teaching (MIT) program leads to state certification as an elementary (K-8) or secondary (5-12) teacher. You will graduate with a master’s degree in education along with the credentials you need to begin your career as a K-12 educator.

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Our program gives you flexibility to complete your degree in one or two years. You will learn as part of a cohort of students and build supportive and collaborative relationships with your peers. We also offer many opportunities to develop in-classroom skills through student teaching and supervised field experiences in local schools.

With an elementary certification, you can teach as a generalist in grades K-8. If you pursue secondary certification, you will choose a specific endorsement area from one of the approved endorsements, such as English, History, Math or Biology.

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